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Paper & Trees

Posted by Bronwen Hurford on

Paper & Trees

We recently changed one of our navigation tabs from WE LOVE TREES to PAPER & TREES. I thought that maybe our customers might think it impossible that we could have a shop selling greeting cards and prints and love trees at the same time. But that dear readers is where you are wrong! Paper production is one of the few industries that really is sustainable and paper is one of the most recycled products in the world. Before launching The Paper People we thought long and hard about the differences we could make to the card industry in New Zealand. Not only are greeting cards being shipped from the other side of the world but a lot of them aren’t even recyclable. Foiling (the shiny metallic details) looks lovely but most recycling facilities can’t recycle any foiling. And we were noticing more and more greeting cards had extra embellishments attached to the front like diamantes which also make recycling impossible. Then there are the plastic envelopes that greeting cards come in and the packaging if they come by mail. That’s why we decided to take a risk and not use plastic slips - and our brave retailers have supported us in this as a few cards do get damaged by sticky fingers. We also get all of our packaging from the awesome people at R3Pack so it is completely recyclable as well.

Over the past few months we’ve done heaps of research in to paper and discovered some really cool sites like which has lots of great information about paper. It re-confirmed our belief that paper isn’t a bad thing. In fact we believe that cards and magazines and letter writing (not to mention books) play a massive part in the lives of humans, and will continue to do so for ever. So the problem is not in the use of paper - but in how it is used and then re-used and re-used and you get the picture. The paper we use for our cards isn’t recycled. We started out down that path and then realised the benefits of using FSC certified paper instead. But thats for my next ramble….


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