The 5 Languages of Love

Posted by Bronwen Hurford on

The 5 Languages of Love

I’ve been reading this great book called Build a Life-Long Love Affair by Andrew G. Marshall. And according to his 25 years of research there are 5 main Languages of Love. It makes sense really and its something I’ve heard of before but have never really looked into. Considering which may be your language might make you reflect on your childhood and the Language of Love that you parents spoke. Is yours the same as theirs? So the 5 Love Languages are


Creating Quality Time Together
(eg. a date maybe or just hanging out on the sofa without your phones)


Caring Actions (eg. taking someone’s mother to the airport at 3 in the morning)


Affectionate Physical Contact (ie. not sexual but hugs and kisses)


Appreciative Words (eg. Thank You or You are Amazing)


Present Giving (eg. Jewellery or a chocolate bar)


Everyone generally tends towards one way of showing love - while their partner of course has their own method. I mentioned in my last blog that my husband likes to give presents. My mother does as well. I like Creating Quality Time Together (and also doing things like reading this book to create quality conversations together as well) and the trick is that partners need to learn to speak each others language. In short I need to buy more presents. Especially on birthdays. And as my husband Johnny will tell you - he must be the only husband in town who gets yelled at for tidying up as soon as he gets home from work - but sometimes I would love to just sit on the sofa for a bit and muse over our respective days with a large glass of wine in hand.

Happy loving everyone.