All You Need is Love

All You Need is Love.

With Valentines Day on the horizon and my anniversary tomorrow I’ve been thinking a bit about love and how we celebrate it. The nuances of first love versus the love we have with a partner we’ve been with for yonks. The cards we used to hand out as young teenagers on Valentines Day, half of them signed by secret admirers and some of which I still have in a box somewhere. I’ve also been thinking about families and my own two young children and that maybe our anniversary is something to celebrate as a family. Our daughter Mathilde arrived about 9 months after we were married which is how we keep a count of the years. We’re thinking perhaps a picnic at a beach and then a pint and some chips at a pub to keep everyone happy. 

Then there is the giving. The cards, the flowers, the jewellery. And if the women get something gold, then what do the men get? I’ve never been one for flowers. I would far prefer a pot plant. And a card with something sweet written in it that I can squirrel away. And while my husband loves to buy me jewellery, its not something that I expect for an anniversary and especially not for Valentines Day. My husband is a bit of a romantic and a gift giver which makes me think about the 5 Languages of Love and the fact that he shows his love through giving where as I do not. What’s this you ask? There are 5 Languages of Love? But more about that next time.

Happy loving everyone.