Send cards to New Zealand in just 3 days.

Send cards to New Zealand in just 3 days.

Forgotten your nearest and dearest’s birthday again? And they live far away in NZ?

Cast that guilt aside as we have something for you!

Whether you're looking to celebrate a birthday or a special anniversary

Or just want to send something sweet to a loved one to brighten up their day

We have something that is sure to deliver a warm fuzzy feeling 🥰

Allow us to introduce you to our beautiful personalised cards.

It’s our best kept secret for those who leave things to the last minute

With a choice of over 100 cards to choose from your personalised card will provide a burst of sunshine in someones day

And it's easy too.

There's no need to head out to the shops to find the perfect card

Nor will you need to search high and low for a stamp - who even sells them these days?

Not to mention the weeks it takes for cards to wing their way across the world

We're one of the only card shops in NZ that has done the hard work for you with an easy to follow message and send service. Choose a card. Add your message and the recipients address and we’ll do the rest!

Your loved ones' eyes will light up as they see that envelope in the mail box that is not a bill!

And then when they see its from you even when you live so far away….

Don’t let distance keep you from sending some love in a card today.

Who’s birthday is next?

Send a personalised card to NZ without leaving the house with The Paper People URL