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Sending Cards To New Zealand

Looking for information on sending a card to New Zealand from the US or United Kingdom (or from anywhere in the world)? The Paper People offer a greeting card delivery service. We write your message for you and deliver it anywhere in NZ.

We don't ship internationally (don't worry it is coming) but we still take international orders and as we are based in New Zealand your card will arrive at it's destination much faster than sending internationally. Delivery time for our card delivery service is 3 to 5 working days.

It is really easy to use.

  • Choose a card and add it to your cart
  • Head over to our Message and Send page
  • First, select the font your would like your message printed in
  • Write your message in the text field
  • Then add the Message and Send to your cart
  • Proceed to shipping and add the recipient's address
  • Checkout and you are done :)