Supporting Shopping Local NZ

Shop Local NZ

As we approach the end of level 4 (hooray) and look forward to the increased freedom of level 3, what better time is there to shop locally online and support your local businesses? Here are five great reasons to buy from local online stores; you’re supporting the local economy, you’ll usually get far better customer service than larger operatives, your purchase literally helps to keep jobs, competition is kept high (creating diversity and unique offers for customers), and finally for the general good of the community - your investment in small businesses will come back to you through a ripple effect. Small towns with thriving small business bases do better in economic downturns than those without local businesses. A great local initiative that has just launched in Dunedin is 100% Dunedin Businesses which currently has a facebook page and is looking in to creating a website. There is a Dunedin Online site for all things sold online in Dunedin and the DCC has also launched a Dunedin Business Directory and for New Zealand wide shopping there are many sites. We’re feeling pretty proud to be New Zealanders at the moment and confident that our team of 5 million is going to discover the best way forward in these massively uncertain times. I read lately that while we may not all be in the same boat - we are riding the same storm. Kia Kaha everyone.

PS we are not getting anything from including these links in this blog. We just think these sites are awesome ideas run by awesome people.